Open Call 36 online Candidacies until August 26th, 2018, 23.00h

Candidates can be submitted via this website. To do this, follow these steps:


Login and start the application process via 'designers' under instruments > Open Call

Selecting the projects of your choice

Then you can select the projects for which you wish to become a candidate.

Selecting your office or temporary association

Selecting an existing or creating a new temporary association can be done when you indicate your preference project(s).                      

Make sure that your partners in the temporary association already have an account with the Flemish Government Architect.                             

If you want to create a new temporary association and your partner office does not appear in the list, there is a possibility that this agency is already candidate for the project. To avoid double registration, the system hides teams that already have the same project designated as a preference project. It is advisable to contact your partner agency.

'Your ambitions for the assignment' en 'intention to cooperate'

For each project, you give your first and short ambition for the future project  and a facultative 'intention to cooperate'. More information about the 'intention to cooperate' and the distinction with a temporary association can be found in the manual (paragraph 6)

Upload your portfolio

How many porfolios should you create?

The number of portfolios equals the number of offices and temporary associations you want to subscribe with. If you just register as an office, then you make just one portfolio for your office. This portfolio is applicable for all the projects you wish to subscribe for. If you register as an office and as a temporary association, then you create two portfolios, one for your office and one for your temporary association. For each additional temporary association you have to create an additional portfolio. The maximum size of an individual portfolio is 50Mb. It may be formatted in .pdf or .doc format.                            

What is the content of your portfolio (s)?

Minimally, you mention three reference projects that were carried out in your own name. Research projects, theses, unrealized plans ... are also valid .

The portfolio is an important document for making selections and is your business card to the Flemish Government Architect and the clients. Of course you can mention more than 3 projects. Furthermore, try to make a readable and well structured document containing touting images and concise explanations. Possible content can be: team presentation, vision of the design team, reference projects, motivation of your application, a first project-reflection .... The contents of the portfolio are non-committal (min 3 references.), a touting character and a personal touch can be an added value.

For each office or temporary association you can upload a portfolio. The maximum size of the portfolio is 50Mb.