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De Ideale Woning is a social housing company with more than 5300 homes spread over much of the district of Antwerp. In Stabroek there are a total of 151 rented social homes, of which 105 are single-family homes and 46 flats.
De Ideale Woning has for some time owned about 10 ha in the Molenveld residential expansion area in Stabroek. In consultation with Stabroek local council, it wants to have a development plan drawn up for the wider residential expansion area between Grote Molenweg, 's Hertogendijk, Kleine Molenweg and Kan. V. Tichelenlaan.
It is important to create an inner area of good quality that is connected to the existing fabric and acknowledges the characteristics of the polder landscape.
This area will be filled partly by a social housing project which should have a good demographic mix. In addition, space has to be provided for sports accommodation and greenery. Part of the area is currently used by a riding club and a football club. Sufficient attention must be paid to the traffic access to this new  neighbourhood, with a particular focus on vulnerable road-users.
At the same time, a phased plan is to be drawn up for fleshing out the various functions.

Stabroek OO1807

Full design brief to draw up a development plan for the ‘Molenveld’ residential expansion area in Stabroek

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Burgemeester Hermanslaan, 2940 Stabroek
Residential expansion area Molenveld Stabroek: Grote Molenweg -


C.V. De Ideale Woning

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Jan Wouters

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Mario Deputter


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