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Project description

Cancellation Open Call project 1706 - Turnhoutsepoortknoop in Antwerp

The full design brief for a landscape design for the Turnhoutsepoort intersection has been cancelled by the co-architect Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel nv (BAM nv). For more information about the cancellation we refer you to BAM NV, Rijnkaai 37, B-2000 Antwerpen, Tel +32 (0)3 203 00 30.

AG Stadsplanning Antwerpen, the Province of Antwerp and the Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel (BAM) are engaging in a collective initiative to draw up a landscape design for the Turnhoutsepoort intersection, using the Flemish Government Architect's Open Call procedure. The landscape design they have in mind is intended to form a common framework in which each of the three parties can carry on developing their own parts of the overall project.

The actual reason for the project is the Stedelijk Ringweg Noord, part B, stage 1, which has to be carried out simultaneously with the Oosterweel link as an easing measure. In this context, BAM has drawn up a concept design with a compact intersection for the E313/E34 motorways and a new bridge in Turnhoutsebaan. As a consequence, sections of enclosed verge will become available in this zone, and they are to be given a new use.

On the basis of the master-plan for the Groene Singel Strategic Space (now being drawn up), Antwerp city council wishes to install a 'park connector' at this location. This is essentially a high-grade connection between the inner city and the Rivierenhof Provincial Domain and an extension of the green structure that is intended to resolve the lack of green areas in the city.

The challenge for the designer will be to bring together the infrastructure (local, non-local, car, bicycle, public transport, parking), green amenities, sports facilities and a vulnerable waterway in a good-quality landscape design.

The Turnhoutsepoort intersection landscape design involves the space that has become available in the E313-E34 intersection in the side nearest the city, which is called the voorpark ('pre-park') and which forms the western end of the Rivierenhof Provincial Domain, and the new bridge in Turnhoutsebaan as a link between the two.

The brief for the landscape design for the Turnhoutsepoort intersection includes:
1. A vision that gives substance to the concept of the 'Rivierenhof Park Connector'
2. A refined vision for the 'pre-park' and the western end of the Rivierenhof Provincial Domain, using design-based research for the location of sports fields, parking, cycle routes, access to the landscape of the verges, etc.
3. Principles for the layout around the new bridge in Turnhoutsebaan

The concept design for the E313-E34 intersection and the technical preconditions for the new bridge in Turnhoutsebaan, as well as the provisionally established PRUP Rivierenhof are given as the starting points in the Open Call. The design-based research carried out on the whole or parts of the project area are provided for information purposes in the Open Call.

€75,000 incl. VAT and fees

Antwerpen OO1706

Landscape design for Turnhoutsepoort intersection – Full design brief for a landscape design for the Turnhoutsepoort intersection

Project status

Hooftvunderlei, 2000 Antwerpen
Antwerp: districts of Borgerhout & Deurne, Provinciaal domein Rivierenhof, junction with Ring-Road, and E313 and E34 motorways

Timing project
  • Toewijzen opdracht aan de ontwerpers: 1 Jun 2009

Stadsbestuur Antwerpen / BAM nv / Provincie Antwerpen

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Kitty Haine


prijsvraag voor ontwerpen met gunning via onderhandelingsprocedure zonder bekendmaking.


€ 75.000 (incl. VAT) (incl. Fees)

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